Calceron is a product, which has been developed as a result of many years of research of animal body function. It is a unique formula, which provides all essential macro and microelements and vitamins for healthy growth, development and maintenance of dogs of any breeds and life stages. It is a 100% natural product.

Why are minerals and trace elements important?

It is known, that minerals are the basic component of all matter, being a component of hormones, enzymes, tissue cells, bones, body fluid and blood. They function in all aspects of life from digestion and reproduction to hormone and energy production, muscle contraction, regulation of body temperature and ph level. They are critical components of almost every aspect of how body grows, develops, functions, produces and performs. In fact, the availability of sufficient minerals is more vital to an animal’s physical health than is the intake of energy or vitamins. While dogs can manufacture a wide variety of energy sources from available feed supply, they cannot manufacture minerals and trace elements.

Some facts about feeding practices:


Vitamin AVision; growth; immune function; fetal development; cellular differentiation; transmembrane protein transfer379 µgAnorexia; body weight loss; ataxia; conjunctivitis; corneal disorders; skin lesions; respiratory ailments; increased susceptibility to infection
Imbalance in bone remodeling processes; artery and vein degeneration; dehydration; central nervous system depression; joint pain
Vitamin DMaintenance of mineral status; phosphorous balance3.4 µgRickets; lethargy; loss of muscle tone; bone swelling and bending
Anorexia; weakness; diarrhea; vomiting; calcification of soft tissue; excessive mineralization of long bones; dehydration; dry and brittle hair; muscle atrophy
Vitamin EDefense against oxidative damage8 mgDegeneration of skeletal muscle; reproductive failure; retinal degeneration


Calcium Formation of bones and teeth; blood coagulation; nerve impulse transmission; muscle contraction; cell signaling 1 g Nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism; significant decreases in bone mineral content, which can result in major skeletal abnormalities
Different types of skeletal aberrations, especially in growing puppies of large breeds
Phosphorus Skeletal structure; DNA and RNA structure; energy metabolism; locomotion; acid-base balance 0.75 g Reduced weight gain; poor appetite; bowing and swelling of forelimbs in puppies
Magnesium Enzyme functions; muscle and nerve-cell membrane stability; hormone secretion and function; mineral structure of bones and teeth 150 mg Reduction in weight gain, irritability, and convulsions in puppies; hyperextension of carpal joints and hind-leg paralysis later in life
Sodium Acid-base balance; regulation of osmotic pressure; nerve impulse generation and transmission 200 mg Restlessness; increased heart rate, water intake, and hemoglobin concentration; dry and tacky mucous membranes
Potassium Acid-base balance; nerveimpulse transmission; enzymatic reactions; transport functions 1 g Poor growth in puppies; paralysis of neck muscles and rear legs and general weakness later in life
Chlorine Acid-base balance; transfer of extracellular fluids across cell membranes 300 mg Reduced weight gain and weakness in puppies
Iron Synthesis of blood components; energy metabolism 7.5 mg Poor growth; pale mucous membranes; lethargy; weakness; diarrhea
At acute levels, dangerous oxidative reactions that lead to gastrointestinal and other tissue damage
Copper Connective tissue formation; iron metabolism; blood cell formation; melanin pigment formation; myelin formation; defense against oxidative damage 1.5 mg Loss of hair pigmentation in puppies; anemia
Zinc Enzyme reactions; cell replication; protein and carbohydrate metabolism; skin function; wound healing 15 mg Poor weight gain; vomiting; skin lesions
Manganese Enzyme functions; bone development; neurological function 1.2 mg No studies of deficiency in dogs
Selenium Defense against oxidative damage; immune response 90 µg Anorexia; depression; breathing discomfort; coma; muscular degeneration
Iodine Thyroid hormone synthesis; cell differentiation; growth and development of puppies; regulation of metabolic rate 220 µg Enlargement of thyroid glands; dry, sparse hair coat; weight gain
Excessive tearing, salivation, and nasal discharge; dandruff

*Daily needs for an adult dog weighing 33 pounds, consuming 1,000 Calories per day. g = grams; mg = milligrams; µg = micrograms

What does Calceron do?

It provides all daily essential minerals and vitamins to ensure your loved pet grows and stays healthy and strong. Calceron is a necessary part of animal’s daily diet and is suitable for all age stages from puppies to senior dogs.

Directions for use: Open the container. Remove the scoop from the container. Mix one scoop with food daily. 


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